Information for the suppliers

Contact details for cooperation with the purchase department: phone: +7 (4912) 95-67-80 email:


Information for raw material suppliers

We are interested in purchase of lead containing raw material:

  • Scrap batteries (ebonite);
  • Scrap batteries (liquid);
  • Scrap lead batteries (grid-type accumulator);
  • Scrap lead batteries (formed plate accumulator));
  • Scrap batteries (polypropylene) .

Acceptance of batteries waste is done on the territory of the workshop for lead and alloys production. The address: 390011, Ryazan, Kuibyshevskoe sh.31.

Please note the auxiliary conditions:
1. Delivery of battery waste is done on the Supplier’s account;
2. Payment for the battery waste is done by bank transfer on the Supplier’s account;
3. In case of discovery water in the battery waste the landing weight has to be reduced.

For conclusion a contract the following documents are necessary:
1. License;
2. The Statute;
3. OGRN (Consignee Basic State Registration Number);
4. TIN (tax identification number) ;
5. Certificate of record in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities about registration of amendments in constituent documents;
6. Director order of appointment ;
7. Company bank details;
8. Power of attorney (in case of signing by other entities).

Contact details for cooperation with raw material purchase department:Phone: +7 (4912) 95-67-79  Email