Ltd «Ryazcvetmet” carries out environmentally oriented work, takes measures to minimize negative effect on people’s lives. The factory extensively upgrades the equipment and technologies with due regard of ecological requirements. This helps to reduce the emission of pollutants and other substances into the atmosphere and to decrease waste release.

Installation of automatic mode equipment of the world’s top suppliers as well as a modern approach to engineering and reconstruction of the plant make it possible to reduce environmental threats and to succeed in the quality of the products..

Long-term strategic aims in the sphere of ecology and environmental compliance include the following:


  1. Sustainable use of natural resources ;

  2. Energy conservation;

  3. Air-pollution control;

  4. Protection of water resources;

  5. Waste management ;

  6. Development and introduction of technologies, that are resource-saving, low-waste, environmentally-friendly;

  7. Environmental compliance with the requirements for production, construction, reconstruction and capacity extension.


Ltd “Ryazcvetmet” is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2011 standards, that proves the company’s systemic approach in the Environmental Threats Reduction work. The company has the reputation of ecologically responsible factory and cooperates with the corresponding agencies regarding environmental compliance.

Our company cooperates with the Institute of Applied Ecology and Hygiene, LLC (IAEH) in Saint Petersburg for collaborative creation of sanitary protection zone around the factory.